Spend a care-free time at the octagonal lounge “aoi,”
Where you can unwind naturally
in a space with quality furniture
and comfortable background music
The lounge is named “aoi”
taken out from the word “nagomi,”to represent our hope
that the guests will sit back and relax
just like how you would spend
your time at home.
In the large screen, we introduce the works of
the photographer, Haruo Nakano.
His works will give you a new perspective of the
“aoi” is opened to all guests
who stay with us at Basaratei.

Do as you wish
and enjoy a relaxing time.


Upon check-in,
Snacks and drink will be served.
From early evening,
we provide free drink service during nighttime
for you to enjoy a relaxing time after taking a bath.
Blu-ray disc rental service is available.
Spend a relaxing holiday
enjoying your favorite movie.
From early morning to check-out time,
Help yourself with morning tea and sweets.
Have a carefree “Basaratei time” as you wish.
“Baku no niwa” garden
appears in front of you
Once you step out of the House of Time “aoi,”

Forget about the real world,
and indulge
in the world of your own