The source, Ise-shima Kashikojima Onsen

Having a private source of hot spring

All rooms in Vajra have an open-air bath, as well as three private chartered baths as an in-house facility.
All baths are exclusively sourced from Ise-shima Kashikojima Onsen.
Each bathing facilities differ in designs for guests to enjoy varieties of bathing experiences.

Booking and using the private chartered bath

All guests staying at Vajra can use the private chartered bath without any extra charges.
Booking can be made after you check-in.

Spring quality and effects

The spring quality is hypotonic, alkalescent, cold mineral spring which is good for your skin and has an excellent warming and moisturizing effect.

Spacious private chartered bath of 100 square meter with a spectacular view of Ago Bay

Private chartered bath
Ten no kagami(Mirror of the Heaven)
Our private chartered bath, Ten no kagami, is a spacious bath occupying 100 square meters with a full view of Ago Bay. A private chartered bath this large is rarely found in Japan.A relaxing dressing lounge was newly introduced after the renewal in July 2014.Stone-sauna couch sofa is also installed in the lounge for guests to unwind in the lounge.The bath is not only to “bathe.” “Watching” the bath, is also our concept.Indulge in a new experience, spending a luxurious time by the Ago Bay.

Operating hours: 3pm to 12pm midnight, 6am to 9am

Blissful time surrounded in a Japanese atmosphere

Private chartered bath Kuyuri Nobiri
Based on the concept of Japanese aesthetic senses, this private chartered bath with a view of the garden is designed and built with an image of “tranquility” and “solemnity.”Hinoki cypress and lattice screens are used in the inner décor to create a Japanesque atmosphere that provides the guests with a blissful time.The water is foamed into micro bubbles, giving a white color and a silky texture to the bath (Silky Bath).With its skin beautifying effect, the bath is especially popular among ladies.

Operating hours: 3pm to 12pm midnight, 6am to 9am

“Tsukinomiya,” the third private bath, is on the theme “Ise-jingu Shrine”

Private chartered bath "tsukinomiya"
The bathing area is characterized by its white mildly curved wall and a round black bath tub that arise from the white gravel.The building harmonizes with nature; the moonlight reflects on the surface of the water in the visionary space, spreading its warm light around the white wall.Look up into the sky while bathing and you will have a magical feeling as if the forest and the sky are connected seamlessly.Stars and moon can also be enjoyed from the bath on a fine day.

Operating hours: 3pm to 12pm midnight, 6am to 9am

Enjoying varieties of bathing experience in the room

Premium Suite Mori-no-tou

Carbonated bath is provided in rooms under this category.
The carbonic acid blended in the hot water gives various effects by promoting the blood circulation.



Annex Vajra Suite Hana, Syou, and Tsuki

Silky Bath, the water favored by ladies who use
the Kuyuri Nobiri, the private chartered bath,
is provided in the exclusive open-air bath in the room.
Experience the moist skin beautifying effect as if you are wrapped up in silk.

Hana no kan

Syo no kan

Tsuki no kan


Name of the hot spring source Ise-shima Kashikojima Onsen
Location of the source 670-1 Agocho-shinmei, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Quality of the source Calcium and sodium chloride cold mineral spring (hypotonic alkalescent cold mineral spring)
Effects of bathing Cut, burn injury, chronic skin disease, weak constitution of a child, chronic female disorder, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusion, twisted joint, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, soothing effect, and health enhancement
Contraindications of bathing serious cardiac diseases, respiration failure, dysfunction of kidneys, bleeding disease, and serious anemia. Progressing diseases in general, and pregnancy (in particular, first and last trimester of pregnancy).
Heating The water is added and heated as the source is cold mineral spring.
Circulation of water For sanitation control, the spring water is circulated and filtered.
Disinfection method For sanitation control, the spring water is disinfected by sodium hypochlorite.