Treatment space “aranya”
surrounded by lush greenery of natural forest

What we provide here
is Vajra’s original treatment
that heals your body and soul
using highest grade oils.
The spa under the direct management of Vajra
is available at a separate SPA building
within the property.

Pamper yourself to a relaxing treatment
in a private room
“Customizing treatments for every guests”

After check-in, the contents of the treatment
can be selected and discussed
with our specially trained staff,
seeing your conditions and how you feel.
aranya can also be used without staying in Vajra.
Please feel free to contact us for enquiries.


Standard treatment

Standard treatment
Oxy Geneo facial treatment Skin-beautifying carbonate acid treatment 
Anti-aging 60min 22,000yen
Skin brightening 60min 25,000yen

Aroma facial treatment using medical-grade oil
60min Facial and décolletage treatment 18,000yen
90min Body, back, facial and
décolletage treatment

*The contents of the treatment can be customized according to the treatment time and the guest’s condition.

Aroma body treatment using medical-grade oil
60min Legs, back body, back, décolletage and head treatment 18,000yen
90min Back, legs, back body, front body, décolletage and head treatment 26,000yen

*The contents of the treatment can be customized according to the treatment time and the guest’s condition.

Shirodhara 60min  19,000yen

Vajra Packages
90min  Body(60min) and Facial(30min)

Aranya Packages
90min Body(60min) and Shirodhara(30min)

Body Packages
120min Total body oil treatment and head

Facial Packages
120min Body(60min) and Facial(60min)

Balancing package
150min Body and Shirodhara and Facial

*Price inclusive of consumption tax.


Oxy Geneo Plus 6,000yen  Extention of body treatment 15min 4,000yen Shirodhara 30min 11,000yen

Reservation is required for the use of spa. Please call us in advance to enquire on your requested date and time of booking.
We recommend you to make an early booking to avoid disappointments.
Please come to the spa at least 15 minutes before the booking time.
As we have bookings for other guests, please note that we will not be able to delay the finishing time if you are late for the booking due to personal reasons.
For cancellation, kindly notify us no later than one day before the booking (by 9pm).
Please note that we may charge you a full amount of the treatment as a cancellation charge (100%) for cancellation without any notification.
The spa can also be used by guests who are not staying at Vajra.
Please inform us upon reservations if you are in the following condition; menstruating, having high blood pressure, having allergic reaction, consulting a doctor, being under medication, drinking alcohol, being pregnant, or lactating. Please note that we may not provide the treatment in certain conditions.